Download your step-by-step guide for how to monitor your Invisalign treatment progress with the My Invisalign app.

Monitoring your smile virtually, every step of the way

At Kristo Orthodontics, our innovative team is always on the leading edge of technology when it benefits our patients’ experience and quality of care.

As a truly patient-centered practice, we use Invisalign® Virtual Care to monitor your treatment progress between appointments using a mobile app to ensure you are perfectly on track to achieve your new smile.

Stay on track while you transform your smile


Share weekly photos with your doctor virtually and receive feedback on your smile progress from wherever you are


Connect virtually for scheduled appointments from the comfort of your couch, saving trips to our office


Feel confident knowing your doctor is monitoring every step of your Invisalign journey to a new smile
Learn how to monitor your Invisalign treatment progress with the My Invisalign app by watching the step-by-step video.

Just four easy steps to a straighter, healthier smile


Download the My Invisalign app

Download the free My Invisalign app using the invitation link provided by our team. This app will be your hub for keeping your treatment organized and on track!

Send us selfies of your teeth

With each aligner change, use your smartphone to take nine photos of your smile progress to share with your Kristo Orthodontics team. It’s easy to send us selfies of your smile, sharing the position and alignment of your teeth.

Receive feedback from your doctor

Using advanced technology and their orthodontic expertise, your doctor and orthodontic team use your photos to monitor your precise tooth movement, elastic wear, and maintenance. You’ll receive feedback on your progress and treatment advice right on your mobile phone.

Attend your mid-course check-ins virtually

Save time and trips to our office with live video appointments that typically last less than 10 minutes. You will connect with your doctor and the Kristo Orthodontic team from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere…how cool is that? Our expert team will ensure your treatment is on track and closely guide every stage of your orthodontic journey to a perfectly straight, beautiful smile.

Advantages of monitoring with Invisalign Virtual Care

Highest-quality care throughout treatment

Connect with your orthodontist and expert team more frequently about your treatment

Quick feedback and next steps

Receive feedback on your mobile device—you will be alerted of any concerns and provided with timely instructions and next steps

Control over your treatment progress

Gain greater control to ensure you are on track to achieve your healthy, confident, beautiful smile just as prescribed

Optimized treatment time and progression

Fewer in-office visits and shorter overall treatment time means more time enjoying your favorite activities

Virtual care is just one click away!

If you are interested in the Invisalign Virtual Care monitoring program at Kristo Orthodontics, please fill out this form or call 715.835.5182 so we can discuss next steps with you. Thank you for contacting us.